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601 W OAK Street, Carbondale, IL 62901
4 Beds
3 Baths
sq ft
601 W OAK Street, Carbondale, IL 62901
Listing Courtesy Of: Landmark Realty Group CD, Pref: 618-203-5057, Justin Zurlinden
Estimation provided by Keller Williams Realty Inc.
4 Beds
3 Baths
sq ft
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Property Description

HISTORIC 1898 GEM IN THE HEART OF CARBONDALE! Step into Carbondale's rich history with this captivating 1898 gem. Located near Downtown Carbondale, SIU-C, and Carbondale Memorial Hospital, this property offers a glimpse into the past with modern amenities. The exterior is fully restored with vibrant paint colors, cedar scallop and clap board siding, and a herringbone brick sidewalk. Inside, the main floor boasts meticulous preservation of period features, including wood floors, pocket doors, and a beautiful staircase. The second floor features two apartments, which can be converted back to a single-family layout if desired. Recent updates include HVAC, windows, roof, gutters, and crawlspace work. Designated a local historic landmark without state or federal restrictions, this property is zoned for single and multi-family use, offering endless possibilities. Book your showing today!

Property Details

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Property Type
Single Family Residence
Property Size
sq ft
Year Built
Days on Site
262 Days
Gas, Forced Air, Heat Pump, Central Air
3 Parking Spaces
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(+ )
Land 4,967 + Additions 55,814
(+ )
Land 4,810 + Additions 54,041
(- )
Land 4,829 + Additions 25,863
(+ )
Land 5,039 + Additions 26,988
Land 5,039 + Additions 27,539
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