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348 Moreno Lane, Sugarloaf, CA 92386
2 Beds
1 Bath
sq ft
348 Moreno Lane, Sugarloaf, CA 92386
Listing Courtesy Of: Keller Williams Big Bear - Lake Arrowhead, Michael Hoffman, Michael Hoffman
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2 Beds
1 Bath
sq ft
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Property Description

GORGEOUS REMODELED SUCCESSFUL VACATION RENTAL, THIS A-FRAME IS JUST 5 BLOCKS FROM NATIONAL FOREST, 10 MINUTES TO THE LAKE AND MAJOR SHOPPING & 15 MINUTES TO BOTH SKI SLOPE RESORTS (BEAR MOUNTAIN AND SUMMIT SKI SLOPES). WOOD & TILE FLOORS, WOOD BURNING STOVE FIREPLACE, STAINLESS STEEL FRIDGE, STAINLESS STEEL STOVE & SINK, REMODELED BATHROOM, UPPER DECK AND COVERED REAR PORCH, LOTS OF TREES, BBQ AND PICNIC TABLE, 2ND BEDROOM IS A LOFT BEDROOM UPSTAIRS WITH IT'S OWN PRIVATE DECK. MAIN BEDROOM IS ON FLOOR LEVEL FOR EASY ACCESS. HOME COMES FULLY FURNISHED... IMPORTANT!: Buyers can keep the same rental company, EVOLVE, and KEEP all the 5 star reviews and Super Host status, and you would only have a 10% comm. to EVOLVE to run the Rental Site instead of the usual 30% that Vacation Rental Management Companies charge. This property has made 30K+ per year average in rental income for MULTIPLE YEARS, amazing ROI and Cap Rate for this price range on this very successful remodeled vacation rental. A perfectly cozy, highly popular A-Frame Architectural style is the place to make both great memories and great passive income! NOTE: This home is such a popular rental that it may be hard to get a showing, the owner has generously blocked out two weeks of rentals from Sunday through Thursday but it is rented every weekend so make plans to see it ASAP!

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Single Family Residence
Property Size
sq ft
Year Built
Days on Site
459 Days
Gas, Wood Stove, Wall Furnace

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