Albert Surabian
License #: 9552110 (MA)
Worcester, MA
Surabian & Sons HomeWorks, 2nd Floor
Surabian & Sons HomeWorks
60 Shrewsbury Street
2nd Floor
Market Center
Specialties and Designations
Full-Time Active Realtor
About Albert
Albert Surabian is an ACTIVE real estate business professional that specializes in helping home buyers and sellers make great decisions when purchasing or selling a home. Albert received his college degree in paralegal studies and uses his legal background towards real estate. His MAIN focus is on improving the lives of everyone around him by staying ACTIVE and HEALTHY. Listening, communication, and understanding are most important to Albert. He wants to establish the best ultimate connection and partnership with you, your friends, and family. So, by the time we arrive to the negotiation table he can translate and articulate all your needs and deliver the BEST results for you. Albert is qualified to competently handle your real estate transaction while thriving on giving you an A++ experience by researching and knowing the market throughout Massachusetts on a daily basis, forming strong business relationships, studying verbal and non-verbal communications, financial development, money strategies and wealth. We are fortunate enough to be partnering with Keller Williams Pinnacle Central where we have hundreds of agents helping each other together as teams!