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Angie Harness
Real Estate Agent at Angie Harness Keller Williams
Chesterfield, MO
Agent License # 2014029052 (MO)
About Angie
Angie Harness Consulting LLC is on a mission to revolutionize the Real Estate industry, making it easier and more accessible for all. Our experienced team works hard to make sure our clients receive an exceptional experience from start to finish. From her years spent in service-oriented industries, bar management, and as a counselor at a residential treatment facility for troubled youth – Angie has unique insight into helping buyers and sellers navigate through their transactions with confidence. By offering maximum support every step of the way, we strive to empower our clients by giving them superior knowledge & guidance throughout their purchase or sale. We have one primary goal: To provide unbeatable value with sincere care that exceeds expectations each time without fail. With an eye for detail and strong ethical standards, we are driven by excellence in customer service - always ready to swiftly adapt and create solutions where needed so that all of our clients can realize their real estate dreams!
Service Areas
chesterfield, wentzville
Specialties and Designations
Market Center
Angie Harness Keller Williams
16401 Swingley Ridge Rd #200, Chesterfield, Missouri
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