Brian McGowan
License # 283888 (NC)
Charlotte, NC
The Beacon Group, Charlotte, NC 28209
The Beacon Group
5925 Carnegie Blvd Ste 250
Charlotte, NC 28209
Market Center
Keller Williams SouthPark
Specialties and Designations
He places emphasis on quality and a "can do" attitude which helps him solve issues before they become potential problems.
About Brian
Brian McGowan ��� Keller Williams' Beacon Realty Group in Charlotte, North Carolina ��� has earned his reputation as a trustworthy and consummately professional real estate advisor. Brian's dedication to doing what is best for his clients, regardless of how it might affect his bottom line, has set him apart from much of his competition and resulted in a solid base of customers who consistently refer their friends and family to him. Brian began his journey in the world of real estate in 2005, when he purchased his first rental property. "Over time, I accumulated a couple more rentals, and did some flips." His experiences working with a landlord opened his eyes to how poorly some tenants were treated, and ��� certain that he could do better ��� he opened his own property management company in South Carolina in 2010. Brian believes in being completely upfront with his customers." This commitment to honesty is with his clients and potential clients, and he has been known on occasion to discourage them from either buying or selling when he truly believes it would not be to their benefit. "I think that being someone they can trust to give them an honest opinion is really important," he muses, "and that's probably why I get so many referrals and have retained so many clients over the years." More than sixty percent of Brian's business is based upon those referrals, an impressive accomplishment that is solid evidence of the exceptional client experience he is providing. When asked to account for this high level of loyalty, Brian grows thoughtful for moment before replying. "I think it's about my being less of a salesperson and more of a friend to my clients," he says. "I stay in touch with all of my past clients throughout the year, whether it's just reaching out to see how they're doing in their new home, or to see if there is anything I can help with. Most of the time when I reach out, there's no opportunity for me to make any money from doing so, it's just to help them make their home and their lives better." Even Brian's approach to marketing his listings is based in integrity. "I am very honest and realistic with my clients as to what their home will sell for," he says, again pointing to the fact that he has discouraged some clients from selling their homes when he believed it would it would not be advantageous. Its evident that Brian places emphasis on quality and a "can do" attitude which helps him solve issues before they become potential problems for his clients. Looking to the future, Brian's plan is to continuing growing his business, and to keep providing the amazing customer experience that has become synonymous with his name. "What I enjoy most about what I do is helping people," says Brian, and his sincerity is obvious.