Libby Sosinski-Souilliard
Pittsburgh, PA
Agent License # RS281248 (PA)
About Libby
My name is Elizabeth (Libby) Sosinski-Souilliard and I have been a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty since 2004. I am married to Frank, and I have four children. . I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, but grew up in Girard, PA, a small town of 2000 outside of Erie. I also have 6 dogs, a Corgie, a standard Yorkshire Terrier & teacup Yorkshire Terriers. I also own six cats, I particularly love the Exotic Shorthaired Persian breed. I hope to continue building on my career with the goal of potentially someday owning my own company. As a foreclosure specialist, I have built many strong relationships over the past 14 years with numerous clients, closing companies, co-workers and colleagues. I consider myself to be well-versed from start to finish when selling an REO property. I have received several awards and recognition throughout the years and have been recognized as one of Keller Williams top 15 agents throughout the nation. I have affiliations with many banks and sell both residential and commercial REO. I also work in regular real estate, but the bulk of my business is Foreclosures. For 2008, I was named one of Wall Street Journals Top 400 agents. I ranked 87th. For 2009, I again placed as one of Wall Street Journals Top 400 agents, ranking in at #35th. I also placed in the top 100 for 2011 at #68th, and in 2012 I was in the top 150, ranking #118th. In 2013, I placed 78th in the Wall Street Journals top 250 agents. In 2014 I was the #2 agent for Keller Williams worldwide with 250 contracts and I ranked #2 in the Wall St Journal. In 2015 the Wall Street Journal ranked me # 41 out of 1000. In 2015, I was #2 agent for Keller Williams worldwide with 254 closed units. In 2016 The Wall Street Journal ranked me #37 with 254 transaction sides. In 2016 I was the #1 agent for Keller Williams Worldwide with 318 closed units! In 2017 I placed 2nd with 293 closed units!
Service Areas
bethel park, bridgeville, canonsburg, carnegie, cecil, collier township, crafton, mt lebanon, mt. lebanon, oakdale, peters, pittsburgh, pittsburgh south, rennerdale, scott township, south fayette
Specialties and Designations
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