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Looking for growth minded Office Systems Manager otherwise known as Market Center Administrator in Bellevue, WA. Call Dan Wingard - CEO/Team Leader direct 206-501-9728 or with resume. KWRB Expectations of MCA Role ? Treat our brokers as #1 priority. Embrace, develop, and maintain an environment of complete customer (broker) satisfaction, service, continual learning and camaraderie through systems and accountability 1. Documented support systems for MCA, brokers, and DOFI a. Oversee broker services including onboarding, new agent & mega team support b. Ensure systems are in place for every stage of success for brokers c. Review systems quarterly and share with TL and OP 2. Delightful support of brokers; the genuine care and support of our brokers is our highest priority a. Attitude of 5 Star service and support (i.e. We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen; Ritz-Carlton Motto) b. Provide the highest level of support for our brokers c. If a broker has a complaint, own it, break away from your duties, address and resolve it d. Always uphold a positive attitude with no complaining e. Maintain and promote an environment of teamwork and camaraderie f. Commission Disbursements or CD changes sent to escrow within 2 business days of receipt g. Commissions paid on time, accurate and provided within 24 hours of receipt h. Seek first to understand if broker is not paying monthly bill i. Consistently look for ways to proactively provide the best service and update Operating Principal and Team Leader monthly j. System for Awards and Recognition of brokers; 2nd team meeting of every month (Team/Individual; Units/Volume; listings, written, closed) first deal, capper, production 3 or more per month 3. Hire, Train and Lead Support Staff a. Complete documentation of DOFI duties b. Complete documentation of MCA duties 4. Accurate Accounting 5. Provide Team Leader and Operating Principal Reports and Financials a. Cap Management Report updated and shared each month b. Financials reviewed together monthly with OP & TL; schedule meeting and provide reports 6. Be Learning Based a. Learn new technology as it becomes available b. Be able to correctly direct brokers to tech resources c. Provide best of practice systems for MCA d. Be aware of new technology as it becomes available and be able to direct brokers e. Live The ONE Thing culture; read or listen to The ONE Thing and be prepared to discuss the ONE Thing each week f. Time block g. Problem Solver 7. Support Team Leader and Office Vision of Being #1 on the east-side a. Weekly 411 shared with OP & TL b. Create agendas and record meeting minutes holding all parties accountable (or delegate to staff) c. Update office numbers and scoreboards weekly d. Consistent quality touches with brokers 8. To create pride and joy in your role, you have the right to communicate how you can best be supported by leadership and staff

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MCA Position Available


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